International Tumbling Xtravaganza is a new invitational tumbling platform that gives tumblers around the world the opportunity to compete on a professional level. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced veteran of the game, our platform will develop mental and physical discipline, create educational opportunities and empower athletes to optimize their abilities on and off the mat.


❖ Recruit - Nationally known, experienced, and potential tumblers to lead their own team of tumblers!


❖ Different States(Nationally & Internationally); Team name, athletic list, and gear fitting.

     ➢ Instate Regional Teams vs. Brackets.

           ■ If there is one team with one state national or international champion that team is already qualified for a potential invitation to the ITX Rep Yo City Tour Event.

           ■ If there is more than one team, teams must qualify at the mini games held at a few locations.

                    ● We will qualify each team by taking half of the teams that win at the mini games.

                    ● A number of teams and/or athletes that reach a point value, marketing, and/or invitational bonus.

    ➢ Regional vs. Regional Bracket

    ➢ National vs. Bracket

    ➢ International vs. Bracket

    ➢ National vs. International Bracket

❖ Different Teams: 1-12 Tumblers, coaching staff, and alternates

    ➢ Stipulation is you can be a team of 1 but, anymore than one, you must have the equal or close to equal amount of mixed genders on your team.

    ➢ As well as you must have at least 1 of each level tumbler on your team if you have 6 or more athletes on your squad.


❖ Different Platform: 3-4 Rounds of acrobatic performances


❖ Draft Picking: Schools, community, non-profits, cheerleaders, and gymnasts


❖ Salary Caps: Each state, player, and organization


❖ Non-profit work: Community appearances, charities, functions, events, admin, Productions, etc.

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