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What is ITX?


International Tumbling Xtravaganza is a new tumbling platform that gives tumblers around the world the opportunity to compete on a professional level. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced veteran of the game, our platform will develop mental and physical discipline, create educational opportunities, and empower athletes to optimize their abilities on and off the mat. 

Our Goal:


ITX will hold a showcase of events that best displays our love for the sport and potential for this new platform. Here we will show how the sport of tumbling functions through a variety of competitive performance challenges. There will be competition brackets established for different age groups, professional athletes, and alumni (special guests, performers, and more.) We will also host a children’s camp for ages 2 and up to teach them how to tumble and put together our recital and tumbling show off. From youth to adults, this will bring together the community and help to make the sport of tumbling a people’s professional sport in the world. Where it benefits us and gives us something to work towards!

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